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Secure Notes Tree
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SecureNotesTree is a notebook with data presented in the form of an unlimited nesting level tree. Data security is provided based on AES (Rijndael cipher). The main features include graphical and text data input, text data search, capability of alarms setup, export/import with Memo Pad, Read-only mode.

SecureNotesTree is a notebook with data presented in the form of an unlimited nesting level tree. Data security is provided based on AES (Rijndael cipher). The main features include graphical and text data input, text data search, capability of alarms setup, export/import with Memo Pad, Read-only mode.

  • Advantages of Hierarchical Data Storing
    It is well-known that a man can keep in his memory and apprehend simultaneously relatively small amount of information. Therefore it could be said that hierarchical data organization is closer to the native human perception than any other one. SecureNotesTree allows creating records with almost unlimited nesting level. Unnecessary at the moment branches can be minimized within one stylus press, thus clearing the screen space for more useful data.
  • User Interaction
    SecureNotesTree application includes a number of additional features which facilitate and speed up userís work. Pressing a tree item opens it. This is the most frequently used operation:
    • Popup Menu
      Users are provided with an advanced control over items including deleting, renaming, creating a subitem in it. These operations can be implemented using Popup menu only for one item. When pressing and holding a stylus on the item for a while, a user-friendly Popup Menu is displayed. The Popup Menu minimum timeout can be set in Preferences.
    • Drag&Drop
      In some cases you may need to change the data tree structure. Using the Drag&drop option this can be done easily and clearly at the intuitive level. To transfer an item (together with its subitems) you need to drag and drop it in the required tree branch.
  • Various Data Representation
    Sometimes it is faster and more comprehensible to draw than to describe something in words, for instance, a user may need to draw a plan or sketch a simple chart. SecureNotesTree provides capability of both graphical and text data input. User can set an icon for each item and this icon will be displayed in the tree near the specified item. Icons usage is intended for associative perception, therefore it facilitates significantly information handling and makes it more visual.
  • Security
    SecureNotesTree provides reliable security for your data if required. Security is provided by AES (Rijndael cipher). 192-bit key is used for encryption and thus makes any cracking impossible. User can enable the secure mode by selecting password protection in Preferences. After that a password should be entered for accessing SecureNotesTree data. Registered version excludes the possibility of encrypted data extraction (for a reasonable time period) in case the password is forgotten. Data encryption mode can be disabled via uncheck password option in Preferences. In this case the password hash is memorized and you will be able to use your old password when enabling this mode next time. Registered version does not store a cleartext version of the password. For exceptionally important data which disclosure is extremely undesirable in case of a device loss, a special mode is provided for data wiping if an invalid password is entered. You can either set data wiping option after 2, 3 or 5 attempts of invalid password entering or disable this functionality. This mode is disabled by default.
  • Alarms
    SecureNotesTree enables users to set alarms for any items. After alarm sound is over a user can either get to the item for more detailed information or ignore it. The alarm notification content is not protected even if the database encryption option is enabled.
  • Additional Features
    • Read-only capabilities
      Read only mark can be set either for one item or all the data. This mode is very useful for preventing you from editing data inadvertently.
    • Sorting
      The popup menu provides a capability of sorting items and their child items. Sorting can be made based in the following criteria:
      • Alphabetically by the item name
      • Chronologically by the item creation date (accurate to seconds)
      • By the icon list order
    • Search
      You are enabled to search some text in items using a popup menu. The search option is implemented both in the item and its child items by such fields as the item name and note. The search results will be provided in the form of a list. Ten last typed lines for search will be rememberred and in case of their set next time will be autocompleted. Alarm search will show all alarms for item and its childs recursively.
    • Clipboard
      The popup menu provides a capability of working with a clipboard. An item is copied to the clipboard without its child items and is stored there until you quit. In case an item is deleted after it has been copied to the clipboard you will be able to paste it in another item. You are also enabled to use the clipboard for copying text in the note. Both text and item copying can be used simultaneously without a risk of removing each other. When exiting the application the text is not removed from the clipboard in case the database is not encrypted.
  • Interaction with external applications
    • Export/Import with Memo Pad
      You are enabled to export a note to the Memo Pad. As a result a new record with the note content will be displayed in the Memo Pad. In case you import a record from the Memo Pad, the record content will be copied to the note. This feature can be used for beaming some items instead of the whole database via the Memo Pad.
    • Memo Pad hard-button
      You are enabled to use SecureNotesTree application instead of a Memo Pad. After choosing the appropriate option in preferences, pushing the Memo Pad hard button will be launching this application.
    • Sync with desktop
      In the registered version the database is backed up to the desktop during HotSync.
    • Beaming
      In the main menu you are enabled to beam a database to another device. The whole database will be beamed. In order to receive a database, one should not necessarily be working in the application. Some options for database receiving can be selected in the application preferences. The former database will be replaced with a received one. In case you will be editing the database while beaming the connection will be broken. If you will be using the application while database receiving process in this case the items tree will be updated automatically.
  • Trial Mode Restrictions
    • Maximum number of database items is equal to 15
    • No database backup to the desktop during HotSync
    • A valid password is displayed on the password verification form (in the trial version only)
    Trial version period is 10 days. After trial period expiration the application is not started, the database is suspended and its data cannot be changed until registration is completed.

System Requirements

Palm OS 3.5 and later
150K of free RAM

Compatible Devices/Operating System

  • Handspring
    Visor Edge, Visor Platinum, Visor Pro, Visor Prism, Visor Neo, Treo 90, Treo 180, Treo 270, Treo 300
  • PalmOne (Palm Inc.)
    Palm III, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIxe, Palm IIIc, Palm V, Palm VII, Palm Vx, Palm VIIx, Palm m100, Palm m105, Palm m125, Palm m130, Palm m500, Palm m505, Palm m515, Palm Zire, Palm i705, Tungsten W, Tungsten T, Tungsten T2, Tungsten T3, Tungsten T5, Tungsten C, Tungsten E, Zire 21, Zire 71, Zire 31, Zire 72, Treo 600, Treo 650
  • Sony Clie
    S300, S320, S360, S500C, N600C, N610C, N700C, N710C, N750C, N760C, N770C, T400, T415, T425, T600C, T615C, T625C, T650C, T665C, T675C, NR70, SL10, SJ20, SJ30, SJ22, SJ33, TG-50, NX60, NX70V, NX73V, NX80V, NZ90, TJ25, TJ35, TJ27, TJ37, TH55, UX40, UX50, VZ90
  • Garmin
    iQue 3600, iQue 3200
  • Tapwave
    Zodiac 1, Zodiac 2
  • Handera
  • Symbol
    SPT 1500, SPT 1550, SPT 1700, SPT 1740, SPT 1733, SPT 1734, SPT 1800, SPT 1833, SPT 1834
  • Aceeca
    Meazura MEZ1000
  • Kyocera
    QCP-6035, QCP-7135